Prevent burnout at work

44 percents of employees feeling burnout at work very often or always.

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Employee burnout killing carrier

How StaffMetric can help?

All these problems gathering in time and due to lack of attention going to suffer by lack of attention, and as result performance and productivity decreases considerably.

There are a few common indicators of employee burnout:

  • Increased employee absences.
  • Passive aggressive behaviors.
  • Lower productivity.

We can prevent these kind of problems by analyse daily activities fo your employees and base on collected data we create an index which indicates the level of stress at work.

That indicator will help many employers to prevent burnout and alert if that index go over critical number and encourage employers have discussions with their employees and make some decisions to prevent it.

There are enumerated some off actions which help us to detect and calculate the index level of stress:

  • Lower productivity.
  • Hard to focus on the tasks.
  • High frequency email checking.
  • Working overtime too many hours.
  • Working on the weekends.

All these parameters help us to create that index which will be change daily based on daily collected data

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